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3F Productions

Our goal is to provide international artists with access to some of the world's most equipped recording studios in Georgia, Turkey and UAE, as well as to provide high quality dubbing services to networks worldwide.

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3F Music

3F Music is dedicated to the highest possible standards in music recording. Our diverse and experienced technicians will help you express yourself more professionally with a project that sounds crisp, clear and balanced. One of our unique qualities is our online mastering studio that offers a new generation of audio mastering and post-production. MORE INFO

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3F Dubbing

3F Dubbing features professional dubbing booths with complete audio production for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering dialog. We are dedicated to providing our clients with accurate language services. Our staff has extensive experience in dubbing post-production process of recording foreign voices and replacing them in movies and series. MORE INFO

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3F Records

3F Records is a full-service independent record label endeavoring to establish relationships with bands, artists and musicians worldwide in order to further their careers within the music industry. With studios located in 3 different countries and an experienced team at all times, each artist is guaranteed to thrive in their designated genre and markets. MORE INFO

Our facilities in Dubai, UAE

Do you want to know more about our facilities in Music Studio and Postproduction Services in Dubai, UAE? Take a look here...

Our facilities in Tbilisi, Georgia

Do you want to know more about our facilities in Dubbing Studio in Tbilisi, Georgia? Take a look here...

Our facilities in Istanbul, Turkey


Do you want to know more about our facilities in Music and Dubbing Studio in Istanbul, Turkey? Take a look here...